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Forum Code of Conduct
15 July 2010 20:19 Post ID: #569
Token Yank
This is a work-in-progress and any other necessary rules will be added immediately.

1.) The moderators expect civil behaviour towards your fellow users. There shall be no personal attacks, which includes but is not limited to:

- Offensive or racial slurs
- Attacking their opinion without providing reason
- Threats
- No politics or religion or anything that could incite heated argument.
- Spammers will be banned immediately.
- Intentionally winding up users (e.g taunting a Spurs supporter after the North London Derby).
- If there is a user whose posts aren't to your liking, use the ignore button instead of being hostile towards each other. There's an ignore button for you to use as well as an Alert button if their comment falls within the realms of trolling.

Personal attacks will result in the removal of a section of your post, if not all of it. You will be privately warned to cease this behavior, and persistent personal attacks will result in a ban.

2.) Commentators are the primary talking point of these forums. Several of them have talked to us and have let on that others are aware of the forums. We have our likes and dislikes of certain commentators and that's expected. With that in mind if you're going to criticize someone for being poor at their job, please be as constructive as possible.

For example, "I am not a fan of (Commentator) because his player pronunciations are poor, he tends to talk too much, etc." is an acceptable form of criticism. What is not acceptable is "(Commentator) sux he knows nothin about football and is a moron." It's not constructive and it is poor writing. Your posts will be removed if your criticism is not constructive. The same rules apply to television networks, pundits, and presenters.

3.) Please write as clearly as you can. Proper grammar and punctuation helps everyone understand what you're trying to say. It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be legible. That said, text speak "lol, plz, thx" is allowed but try and keep it to a minimum. If you have a physical disability which makes it difficult to type properly, please notify the moderators.

4.) Images and avatars containing porn, offensive material, racial slurs, and foul language is prohibited. You will be permanently banned if you break this fairly simple rule.

5.) DO NOT POST mindless speculation without credible facts and sources. Example, stating a TV commentator left his network due to a dust-up with management or lack of matches without citing fact is libelous and unacceptable. Your post will be removed and you'll be given a warning. If you continue to speculate you will be banned.

6.) Don't get caught in a lie. If you repeatedly put in statements as fact but get caught in a lie by others then you will lose your posting privileges.

7.) NO ILLEGAL STREAMS ALLOWED FOR ANY MATCH. They will be removed immediately. Links to the BBC Football League web page or Sky Sports is acceptable but links to places like justin tv, Ustream, and Iraqgoals are not allowed.

8.) No creating multiple accounts, especially to avoid a ban.

Edited by SSReporters 26/7/2010 19:46
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