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International Feed Competition Rules
27 July 2010 00:03 Post ID: #757
Token Yank
This is the 2nd year of the (revived) international feed competition! Yours truly was the defending champion but had close competition from The Wanderer, Mark, and for a while Zac Quinn. Here are the rules for this season.....

Scoring Points

- 3 points for a correct commentary pairing, 1 for partial pairing, and 0 for an incorrect comm and co-comm.

- Winning outright (and outright only with no tiebreakers) in consecutive weeks will earn you 10 bonus points.

- 100% in the international feed is probably never going to happen, but if it does you win 30 extra points.

Fixture Selection

- There will be no fewer than 5 games chosen every single round. The main focus will be the English Premier League with an odd FA Cup game thrown in. I may also add in a low-end group stage Champions League game as a bonus fixture, where you can just use the Sky Sports commentators. A typical weekend would be like this:

West Ham vs. Stoke........12:45 PM.......Sky Sports Live
Liverpool vs. Blackpool........3:00 PM.......Football First
Sunderland vs. Aston Villa.........3:00 PM.........Football First
Chelsea vs. Blackburn..........5:30 PM........ESPN
Fulham vs. Man City (Sun).........4:00 PM.......Sky Sports Live
Man Utd vs. Birmingham (Mon)........8:00 PM.......Sky Sports Live

- The fixtures list is published every Thursday and the deadline is the following Tuesday at 8:00 PM GMT. There will be a separate thread for each week and the thread will lock once the deadline has passed.

- As mentioned earlier I'll throw an extra "bonus points" game on occasion, with the point value varying.

Tiebreaking Rules

- In the event of a tie there are a few tiebreakers. Here are the ways to break a tie:

- Number of correct commentary pairings.
- Number of correct main commentators.
- Number of correct co-commentators.

If these don't break a tie then co-winners will be awarded.

Live Table

- A new feature this year will be the "live" table, which I will update regularly so everyone knows where they sit in the standings.

There will be more info posted on the commentators for the international feed but otherwise have fun!

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